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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Enhance the durability and strength of mobile phones with MIIPL's scratch, wear & oxidation-resistant mobile windows. We are India's no.1 mobile phone metal, plastic, & glass parts supplier.

  • Impact Resistance

  • High elasticity

We adopt and stay relevant to the latest technology to manufacture high-quality parts for mobile phone brands that comply with industry standards and enhance the overall appearance, tangibility, and longevity of mobile phones.



We provide innovative manufacturing solutions that ensure superior product quality, sustainability, collaboration, and global reach for the brands. MIIPL is a leading, trusted, and influential manufacturer of mobile windows that aims to make a significant impact on a global scale by contributing to the success of its multi-national clients.


Our Product


We recognize the diverse needs of our clients. Hence, we implement flexibility in our manufacturing capabilities to provide our clients with tailored solutions and accommodate their distinctive design requirements, colors, patterns, and textures to align with each brand's unique identity and product lineup.


Unrivaled Perfection

MIIPL justifies its title as India's leading mobile phone metal parts supplier by delivering satisfaction and exceptional quality in the entire manufacturing industry ecosystem. We ensure durability, structural integrity, and excellent finish by employing advanced manufacturing techniques to maintain uniform industry standards and minimize defects.

Premium Materials

We leverage top-quality materials to meet the needs of our clients by manufacturing mobile windows that enhance visual appeal, durability, functionality, safety, and user experience. The premium materials combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing services lend a premium look and feel to the final product.


Global Expertise

We leverage technological advancement to deliver client satisfaction globally. Having collaborated with reputed clients, such as Samsung and Sony, we have expanded our global outreach in the international markets. Following is a brief list of countries where MIIPL has exported its mobile phone window parts.

  • South Korea

  • Mexico

  • Germany

  • United States

  • Finland

  • Vietnam

  • Austria

  • Czech Republic

  • Singapore

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