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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Enhance your product's aesthetics, functionality, usability, durability, and cost-effectiveness with MIIPL's customizable and adaptable user interface solutions.

  • Enhanced Protection

  • Versatile & Flexible

Our expertise as one of India's leading Membrane Keypad Manufacturers enables us to help you customize your products to become more aesthetic, efficient, and market competitive by leveraging cutting-edge digital printing and laminating technologies.

Our clients


MIIPL stays relevant with the latest manufacturing technology to deliver value to our clients. We believe in fostering innovation by experimenting with a wide variety of designs, textures, graphics, fonts, and sizes for delivering results tailored to suit brands and businesses' preferences. With our custom-made products, such as fascia membrane keypads, we ensure complete client satisfaction and service quality.


Product Characteristics

Environmental Resistance

Our membrane keypads are resistant to diverse environmental factors, such as water, dust, and chemicals, making them suitable for utilization in extensive applications across multiple industries. By implementing our avant-garde manufacturing process, we enhance your product's strength, reliability, and quality.


Competitive Advantage

By leveraging high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, we enhance the appearance and durability of your product. We are proud to be India’s leading membrane keypad and fascia panel manufacturer, which assists you with establishing a positive brand image and gaining a massive competitive advantage.

Easy to Use

MIIPL's graphic overlays provide a user-friendly interface through intuitive and efficient designs that make users interact with the electronic device and machinery without hassle. In addition, we ensure easy, accurate, and efficient interaction of users with the brand overlays that leads to the establishment of a positive brand perception.



We offer customizability and meet industry-specific requirements through our membrane keypad and fascia label manufacturing services. With our state-of-the-art services, we assist businesses from various industries to increase sales and customer loyalty.

  • Digital Cameras

  • Remote Controllers

  • Control Panels

  • Diagnostic Instruments

  • Instrumentation

  • Monitoring Devices

  • Avionics Displays.

  • Infusion Pumps

  • Navigation Systems

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