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Metalic Impressions

IN Mold

A customized solution for creating seamlessly integrated, highly durable, and aesthetically compelling products

  • Environmentally Sustainable

  • Efficient & Flexible

At Metalic Impressions, we are proud to deliver customized solutions for brands & businesses to enhance the perceived value of their products through In-Mold Decoration. We are a premier provider of cutting-edge in-mold labeling in India for a wide range of industries, committed to serving our customers with unmatched quality and value.

Our Customers


Metalic Impressions is relentlessly reinforcing its custom plastic in-mold decorating technique by implementing an analytical approach to create tailored fit solutions for specific customer needs. By leveraging our innovative R&D facility, we stay up to date with the latest industry technologies and trends to deliver high-quality precision products for building long-term customer relationships.


Why choose us?

Form meets function

We follow this key principle of modern manufacturing to ensure that the design of the products is based on their intended function. To make the product more efficient, effective, and up to standard, we leverage our avant-garde IMD manufacturing services to produce practicable, customized, aesthetically pleasing, and functional products that meet specific customer needs and enhance user experience. By adhering to this principle, we ensure that the product is in-sync with the preference of end users.


Environmental Sustainability

We help businesses meet their environmental goals through our IMD technique, which involves lesser manufacturing steps and reduces the amount of waste produced. It is an energy-efficient technique that creates durable products, contributing to a lower carbon footprint for businesses. Hence, With Metalic Impressions, you get all the benefits - from aesthetics, durability, and cost-effectiveness to efficiency in a sustainable way.

Engineering Excellence

With years of experience in the industry, Metalic Impressions has become the most-favored IMD/IML manufacturer for businesses. We have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality and visually appealing products. Having invested in state-of-the-art IMD equipment and technology, our skilled technicians create innovative design solutions that meet unique and specific customer needs.

Committed to providing our customers with the highest degree of service and quality, Metalic Impressions will continue to seek competitive advancement to ensure customer satisfaction.



We assist multiple industries in the market with our In-Mold Decoration service. Proud to be one of the ideal plastic mold manufacturers in India, MIIPL achieves a wide range of designs for numerous products and commodities.

  • Automotive interior trim

  • Medical device casings

  • Sports equipment components

  • Furniture panels and trim

  • Industrial equipment enclosures

  • Wearable technology accessories

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Interior décor items

  • Safety equipment and gear

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