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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Appeal to your target audience, convey your business vision and enhance the recognition of your brand with MIIPL's custom metal emblems.

  • Premium appearance

  • Brand Loyalty

We assist businesses in creating a unique identity in the market through inviting, attractive, and visually appealing emblems. MIIPL’s expertise in Soft, Metallic & Forged Emblem Manufacturing makes it a cost-effective branding solution that helps brands promote their identity, foster a strong brand association, and enhance customer loyalty.

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We are a leading emblem manufacturer in India, renowned for collaborating with clients to bring their dream emblem designs to reality. By leveraging several manufacturing processes and creating personalized & customized emblems, we enhance the visual representation of a brand's products and improve their perceived value.


Product Characteristics


MIIPL's variety of Soft, Metallic & Forged emblems come in different shapes, sizes, and depths and are made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and fabric. Our emblems are compatible with multiple surfaces, such as textiles, leather, and plastic. We employ cutting-edge technology to manufacture emblems that meet industry standards and are tailored to customers' unique preferences.



We provide flexibility to brands to add a hint of their individuality to the emblems through material, size, and shape choice. By personalizing emblems, we encourage brands to communicate their vision or message to their target audience to build a strong association and enhance customer engagement.


As an experienced forged emblem manufacturer, we utilize our years of knowledge to help brands foster an emotional connection with their target audience. We manufacture unique, quirky, and client- specific emblems that sweeten the perception of value, quality, exclusivity, and authenticity of our client's products.


Advantages & Applications

Our services across various industries, such as sports, military, corporate and automotive, make us a leading emblem manufacturer not just in India, but in the US, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Middle East.

  • Car Emblems

  • Company Logos

  • Apparel Items

  • Sports industry

  • Fridge magnets

  • Lapel pins

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