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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Customize and decorate your glassware with intricate and high-quality logos, designs, and branding materials. With MIIPL, deliver a distinctive and memorable customer experience.

  • Improved Aesthetic Appeal

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition

We assist brands and businesses in differentiating their glassware products and stand out on the shelf through our Digital glass printing service in India. By implementing our state-of-the-art glass printing technology, we meet the industry-specific requirements of businesses from diverse industries.



We strive to help businesses in improving their brand awareness and recognition with our customized glass printing services. One of the leading sources of glass printing in India, MIIPL provides opportunities for businesses to customize their glass products per their requirements and build customer loyalty by offering the finest products.


Product Characteristics

Advanced Print Technology

Our innovative and advanced printing technology produces a wide array of designs on textured and non-textured glass with intricate details. From diverse customized glassware to single custom-printed glass units, our glass printing service provides everlasting, versatile, high-quality, and scratch-resistant graphics for branded glass products.



An economically alternative service for digital printing on glass in India, MIIPL provides 360-degree flexibility to businesses and brands for choosing a design that suits their specific prerequisites. By delivering compelling advantages, such as high functionality, visual appeal, low costs, competitive advantage, and infinite design possibilities, we help businesses create products that win over their customers.


We deploy high-speed automated glass printing machines that take charge of the printing process from start to finish. Our printing processes ensure quick turnaround time and produce clear and precise graphic prints within shorter durations. Hence, we facilitate a speedy process of creating high-quality glass prints for diverse brands and businesses.



Our glass printing services beautify a wide range of products. We are reputed for providing visually appealing and durable glass printing services to different industries.

  • Greenhouse Windows

  • Automotive Parts

  • Electronic Components

  • Product Labelling

  • Interior Designs

  • Diagnostic Equipment

  • Event Decor

  • Food Service

  • Filtration Systems

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