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Vinyl and POP Label


Vinyl Labels

The quality and the high-class printing technology make MIIPL’s labels withstand any difficult circumstances. We produce labels for goods, equipment, and machinery distinguished by their extremely high resistance against chemical or mechanical influences.

Tailor-made vinyl stickers cater to various shapes, sizes, and color requirements and are available in multiple types, including transparent vinyl, white vinyl, chrome vinyl, etc.

POP Labels

Being the technological and qualitative leader in the market of POP’s, MIIPL continually strives to retain this position by constant innovation, attention to detail, and constant focus on client specifications and design. Our contribution towards counterfeit prevention has gained us international repute. We ensure that our clients do not lose genuine revenue, nor is their qualitative reputation tarnished. This is mainly attributed to our counterfeit prevention systems.


Engineering Success

For many years, MIIPL’s engineers have utilized metal-to-plastic part conversions to reduce cost, eliminate parts, decrease weight, and avoid the corrosion issues related to metal materials. In addition, shifting from metal to plastic can significantly impact mitigating the cost increase due to commodity and tariff fluctuations associated with metals. Because of this, MIIPL utilizes this same metal-to-plastic conversion strategy when decorating plastics.


MIIPL Expertise

MIIPL has extensive experience with all types and sizes of custom plastic in-mold decorating (IMD) continues to develop specialized solutions with this technology for a wide range of industries and applications.

MIIPL is always looking for competitive advantages to establish their value to their customers and open the door to new business opportunities. Technology is an optimum way to do this. With the advances in IMD for durable goods, MIIPL provides customers with creative solutions, often at reduced cost-to-manufacture, and expand opportunities with customers for more significant value-add.

Customized POP labels and Decals

MIIPL is one of the very few reputed companies worldwide manufacturing the complete range of POP's under state-of-the-art, technology advanced machinery. With the help of a specially developed computer-aided system, we manufacture and supply any order- regardless of volume and specifications. We have the infrastructure and facilities to produce POP's as per international quality standards and the expertise to create the most complex POP Labels.



Ideally, you can use Vinyl labels in industries that require incredibly durable labels like chemical industries and more.

These sticky labels can be produced digitally for applications such as:

  • Bottle Labels

  • Can Labels

  • Jar Labels

  • Product labeling

  • Asset Labelling

  • Compliance labeling

  • PAT testing

  • Rating labels

  • Printers and consumables

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