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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Metalic Impressions provides its customers with high-end Membrane Keypad Designing Services.

  • Telecommunications devices

  • Medical equipment

Because it is delivered on time and in a professional manner, this service is widely praised by our clients. Under the supervision of our skilled specialists, this service is provided while utilizing top-notch equipment and cutting-edge methods.



High-end Membrane Keypad Designing Services are offered by Metalic Impressions to its clients. This service is well regarded by our clients due to its promptness and professionalism. This treatment is offered while using premium tools and cutting-edge procedures under the direction of our qualified professionals. Before offering services in line with the information our clients have supplied, our specialists first fully understand their needs.


Our Product

Keypad Membrane

At MIIPL, we are equipped to respond swiftly to the printing and production needs of both new and recurring clients for membrane keypads. We are among the top membrane keypad manufacturers because of our rapid responses and quick turnaround sampling service.


Engineering Success

Even in the most challenging operational conditions, the membrane keypads MIIPL offers are reliable to industry standards. Without using any metal, they extend switch life and dependability.

MIIPL Expertise

They are produced using cutting-edge technology and premium raw materials to ensure that they fulfill all quality standards set by the industry. Fascia membrane keypads are impervious to chemicals, water, and dust and have less bounce when touched. Additionally, they offer a higher polish that improves the appearance.



What are some of the typical uses for membrane keypads, then? They can be found in computer peripherals, industrial controls, access control systems, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, telephone systems, and home appliances. They are frequently utilized instead of mechanical keypads where strength is a top need. A membrane keypad, for instance, is perhaps the best option for outdoor applications due to its resilience to dust and moisture. The underlying electrical circuitry and components are shielded from moisture harm by its "membrane"-like architecture.

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