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Graphic Overlays


Graphic Overlays

MIIPL is a global specialist in the design and manufacturing of Graphic Overlays. We use several different manufacturing techniques to create quality products. The choice of method and specific materials used depends on your exact requirements.

Manufacturing and Application

Typically Graphic Overlays are constructed with an undersurface printed layer and an adhesive layer. They can incorporate clear or tinted windows to allow the overlay to show a machine display and have internal cutouts, and the design includes buttons or dials/knobs.

The switch overlays can be produced with a varied style of print finishes such as textured look or gloss/matte and should be color-matched to the machine it is being applied to.

A keypad/keyboard usually forms a functional and aesthetic user interface between the control system’s hardware and its software. The addition of backlighting significantly enhances the visual impact of the product or user interface.

Engineering Success

MIIPL has been in the business for many years producing high-quality Graphic Overlays for varied industries and products. We pride ourselves in investing in the latest technology so that we can manufacture the highest quality and custom products as per our customer’s requirements.


MIIPL Expertise

Who says you can’t get quantity and quality – and get it FAST?

With MIIPL’s cost-effective Graphic Overlays, you get premium-quality products in large quantities. Our products are available in varied specifications that meet consumer’s demands. You can start your project right now with a custom prototype.

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