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Glass Printing



Glass printing is the capability to replicate any digital image onto glass permanently.

This means that you can easily customize a space where you can produce on the glass of a microwave or a washing machine an illustration, a texture imitation, geometric & abstract patterns, and even photography on a glass panel that can be easily installed.

Engineering Success

We keep our process simple so that anyone can get creative and express their individuality in their projects. This (coupled with our values for innovation, collaboration, and excellence) helps us deliver the best glass printing.


MIIPL Expertise

MIIPL is committed to delighting customers by empowering them to bring to life their unique design vision through innovative glass technology.

Since conception, we have worked on projects ranging from microwaves and washing machines to commercial fit-outs.


One of the prevalent use of glass printing today is the making of highly colourful applications. Printing on the glass of microwave or washing machine is a highly unique method that can give a high quality and sleek look to the product.

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