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One of MIIPL’s highest quality, attention-grabbing products for your business is custom metal emblems designed to adorn all the equipment that helps you do what you do. These badges are made from durable materials and are designed by industry-leading artists, creating emblems unique to your brand.

Advantages & Applications of Emblem

A wide range of options and finishes are available to ensure your finished customized emblem looks precisely as required.

You can choose from the classic shiny chrome look or a variety of finishes. Chrome emblems can also be painted, which yields a stunningly appealing colored finish that has actual depth.

MIIPL can make any emblem, nameplate, label badge, nameplate, or auto emblem. We plate and paint finished products for chromed, satin, beaten, brushed, or antiqued appearance.


MIIPL is a leading nameplate and emblem manufacturer, supplying decorative chrome finish products with world-class customer service. Our high-quality standards, timely delivery, and consistently competitive pricing set us apart from other emblem manufacturers. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce virtually any chrome-plated product, with in-house specialists in the complete design, molding, assembly, and decoration processes.


Engineering Success

MIIPL is experienced in working with products for a wide range of consumer and industrial products, specializing in automotive, furniture, retail, display, consumer product, equipment markets, and more.

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